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Top 8 Beaches in Anaheim 

Posted on 24 Jan, 2024 at 12:00 am - by

Crashing into the fine soft sand and the sound of gushing waves is nothing less than a rejuvenating feeling after a long tiring day. Whether you’re on a vacation or need a serene escape, Anaheim beaches will cater to all desires. Anaheim is not just a destination withholding world-class theme parks and explicit restaurants; it’s a whirlwind of unique experiences. There is a vast variety of things to do in Anaheim, but in this blog, we will be exploring the top 8 Anaheim beaches. 


Bolsa Chica State Beach 

Bolsa Chica State Beach is your quintessential destination for surfing, sunbathing, and volleyball! It's not just an Anaheim gem, but a worldwide hotspot that welcomes a global audience, no matter the time of year. Its captivating beauty, once known as "Tin Can Beach," will leave you spellbound, having transformed into a state beach in the 90s. Imagine basking in the sun's warm embrace, showing off your volleyball prowess, or cooling off in the crystal-clear waters. Family picnics here are a treat, and as you share cherished memories, don't miss the dramatic sunset that stains the water with shades of pink and orange. If you're the fishing type, you're in luck! Bolsa Chica is home to corbina, California corbina, croaker, cabezon, shovelnose guitarfish, and sand sharks. And it's not just water sports here — keep your binoculars handy to spot the diverse birdlife in the area.


Laguna Beach 

Perhaps calling Laguna Beach, nature’s magical escape is not wrong, for this beach provides more than just waves blending with infinitesimal sand. At the intersection of the bustling metropolises of Los Angeles and San Diego on the coast of Southern California, you’ll come to discover a tranquil natural escape, none other than Laguna Beach itself, which is part of the Orange County and is well-known for its serene escape it provides. As nature envelops you in and around the beach you’ll see various spots that stand as a testament to the beach’s diversity. View the statue of The Greeter, a monument paying tribute to a local who welcomed visitors all on his own. The thousand steps beach, true to its name allows you to have a remote experience, and so does hiking at the seaside cliffs of Crystal Cove State Park. You can also get to see giant blue, finback, and Minke whales, in the wild waters during summer and fall seasons. 


Huntington Beach  

Huntington Beach nestled just 20 miles away from Anaheim, spans out for over three miles in length and is worth the trip. This well-known Anaheim beach attracts tourists from all around the world due to its magnificent beauty and splendid facilities. There's a long fishing pier where you can stroll along and capture some panoramic views of the beach and the sunset. Huntington Beach was also nicknamed ‘Surf City’ due to its excellent wave-riding conditions, which causes surfers and water sports enthusiasts to gather here. The beach features a cool ambiance and various special events and live entertainment shows happen here.


Seal Beach  

Picture a beach with the 'off the beaten track' vibe, emerald-blue waters, and a spectacular sunset view, and with all that comes to mind is Seal Beach. Situated at a half-hour drive from Anaheim, beckoning tourists to stop by and marvel at its serene beauty, which infuses seamlessly with comfort. Even if the beach is located just a few miles down the road from Huntington Beach, it serves a completely different ambiance, one that is perfect for couples on an outing, or friends looking for a hot spot to hang out. Families can also head over to enjoy making sandcastles and have a blast with picnics creating memories worth reminiscing. The huge fishing pier is the main reason why this beach is well known since it’s the second largest pier in California. Feel your stomach rumble? Head to the retro dining options which offer a vast variety of delicacies all coupled with the spectacular vistas of the shore, conveniently situated at the end of the pier. Head over to the local town which is a gem waiting to be discovered and it boasts a vast array of charming antique shops and fine dining locations. 


Mother’s Beach 

For those who enjoy laying under the warm glow of the sun, the perfect retreat would be less than half an hour from Anaheim, Mothers Beach, an awe-inspiring coastal location. Mother’s Beach is nestled in a sheltered little cove, surrounded by warm, calm, and gentle waters, even though it’s a part of the Long Beach area, which has various other beaches. Visiting this beach is one of the best things to do in Anaheim, which boasts a lot of exemplary services and amenities. Mother’s Beach being a family-friendly beach has a variety of sports activities along with facilities like picnic tables and play areas. Enjoy the volleyball courts, Kayaking, and paddle boarding all guided by experts. 


Alamitos Beach, Long Beach 

Alamitos Beach is a haven that extends over miles with pristine white sands, and clean surroundings perfect for any beach lover, or sun-bathing enthusiast. This beach offers a variety of activities, as it is situated conveniently at the western end of the Long Beach beaches and has a direct link to downtown Alamitos Bay. The two connecting paved trails to downtown Alamitos Bay are dedicated specifically: one to pedestrians and the other to cyclists. Enjoy playing volleyball or soaking up in the sun, the fun is unlimited. You can also rent umbrellas, bikes, rollerblades, fishing rods, and skim boards, to enjoy yourself against the serene backdrop of the calm waters. 


Corona Del Mar State Beach 

Gather up your family and head to the Corona del Mar State Beach as it has everything you need to have the perfect beach day out. The half-mile-long beach is surrounded by stunning cliffs, which make it the perfect backdrop for movies. Popular activities on this beach include surfing in the turquoise waters, swimming with pals, sunbathing under the warm glowing sun, and beach volleyball. Moreover, the Corona del Mar State Beach offers excellent spots to have a night out or picnic with friends or family all coupled with lush green lands with BBQ grills. This beach has good protection allowing you to enjoy a carefree vacation when travelling with kids.  


Manhattan County Beach 

Enjoy endless entertaining activities at Manhattan County Beach along with friends, family, or your partner. Not only is this beach perfect for picnicking, but it allows you to share a lovely moment with your partner hand in hand looking over the panoramic vista that awaits. The vast size of the beach allows room for all sorts of activities, from surfing to building sandcastles, and from bodysurfing to windsurfing. 

In conclusion, Anaheim beaches are parable to pieces of heaven on earth. With their serene beauty that can sweep anyone off their feet and exemplary services, you are sure to come back to enjoy more of what they have to offer. So, don’t hold your horses, pack up, hit the road, and off you go. 

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