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8 Theme Parks in and Near Anaheim      

Posted on 25 Jan, 2024 at 12:00 am - by

Looking for some theme parks in and nearby Anaheim for some adrenaline rush? This guide has you covered the top-notch theme parks in the city and outside that cater to all ages, from the little ones to grown-ups. Even if you're not a roller coaster junkie or a fan of daredevil drop towers, these parks have chill-out zones too. Get ready to explore a variety of tastes as these parks serve a wide range of scrumptious food, satisfying all types of food enthusiasts.


Disneyland Park 

Grab your tickets cause we’re heading to Disneyland Park Anaheim CA, which offers the best of the best rides and ventures. Explore the wonders of all your favorite Disney movies and cartoons coming to life. From the famous movie COCO to the legendary Mickey Mouse, this Disneyland has it all. Immerse yourself in the extravagant lightning around the castle during the late hours. The park also has hotels where you can stay and relax. Feeling your stomach rumble? Then don’t worry, Disneyland has various food stalls allocated around the park. From ice cream to macaroons, pizzas to tortillas, these stalls cater to various tastes of visitors. So, head to Disneyland and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. 


Adventure City

This theme park in Anaheim is one of the smallest adventure parks which boasts a vast array of activities and exploration opportunities. Embark on a rescue ride where you can be a firefighter or police officer or hop onto the eight colorful balloons that will take you high up in the sky. Take the dare and head to the drop zone, true to its name it drops from a height of 45ft or climb the 24ft rock with challenging sides. Take a stroll to the petting farm where you can conquer your animal fear and spend quality time with cute and goofy animals. Besides rides, the park also offers a variety of food and drink facilities including salads, pizza, nachos, churros, and ice creams.  


Disney California Adventure Park 

One of the things to do in Anaheim California, if you are here purely for entertainment then head to the Disney California Adventure Park. Head to the enthusiastic thrilling rides that cater to all tastes, kids and adults alike. Meet your favorite cowgirl at Jessie’s Critter Carousel based on the movie “Toy Story 2” where Jessie is accompanied by her friends and you. Head over to a wild coaster at InsideOut Emotional Whirlwind, where you take a trip down Riley’s memories. Cars Land is also a quite popular attraction as well as Pixar Pier which offers a wide array of eateries and tasty delicacies. Satiate your hungry cravings at Pacific Wharf and Buena Vista Street which serves you a luxurious dining experience in a unique way.   


Pacific Park, Santa Monica 

Situated atop the famous Santa Monica Pier, visiting Pacific Park is one of the fun things to do in Anaheim, as it offers a stunning option of rides suiting all ages. Head over to the enthusiastic Pacific Wheel, the star of the show itself, or the solar-powered Ferris wheel which provides spectacular coastal views. The adrenaline-pumping west coaster offers a thrilling ride that turns and swings all over the stunning coast of the Pacific Ocean. If your mood inclines move to the carnival side, then indulge in various carnival games that surround you with the ambiance of live performances and street music wafting. Pacific Park seamlessly blends nostalgic entertainment with modern amusements, making it a hot destination for family and friends. 


Universal Studios Hollywood 

This theme park in Anaheim pays tribute and allows you to have a peek at the behind-the-scenes of the movie-making process, upgrading your complete vacation experience. Exceed the limits of thrill rides full of on-the-spot references to your favorite movies and venture out to a variety of lands that will teleport you into a completely different world. Stroll to the Super Nintendo World that immediately transports you into the world of Mario and his pals, as you aid him fight battles. If dino land is your thing then head to the Jurassic World which not only boasts a fun ride but also allows you to have your main character moment as you fight battles with the mighty T-Rex and Indominus rex. At Raptor Encounter try your luck and face the Velociraptor. Unleash your inner wizard at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, wander off to get to know your house, and shop for Hogwarts at the Ollivanders wand shop. Glide through the Forbidden Journey and take a ride on the Flight of the Hippogriff, and you'll be enjoying every single moment. 


Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park 

Delve into a unique sort of thrill at Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park, where exquisite world-class rides blend with the joyous ambiance and upgrade your experience of fun things to do in Anaheim. Initiate your venture at Knott’s Berry Farm, which has evolved significantly over the years into a lovely destination. Ride on Mammoth coasters and have a warm hugging session with the beagle- Snoopy, or indulge in a variety of shows, whatever you go for the fun will be endless. With all its mysterious atmosphere the Old West Ghost Town steals the spotlight of the park. The Old West Boom Town showcases cowboys, gunfights, dancers, stagecoaches, a steam train, and much more. Take the dare and head to the Silver Bullet, a steel inverted roller coaster that reaches a height of 146 feet (45m), and to GhostRider a wooden roller coaster bent to make you overcome your wildest fears. Set your kids free at the Snoopy camp which is home to the characters of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts. The camp stretches over 6 acres of land and boasts unique design elements that allow children to be drawn to the fun of summer camp in the California High Sierras.   


Seaworld San Diego 

Not only does Seaworld San Diego provide you with a unique experience but also allows you to be exposed to a vast array of fun activities. Start your Seaworld journey from the Arctic Rescue, a straddle coaster on the West Coast that zooms through the skyline leaving you awe-inspired. Proceed to Emperor the high, quick, and long dive coaster, and then move on to the Manta, which has two exhilarating launches that toss riders up in the vibrant sky and then dive into the gusto of the ray. Head to the Tentacle Twirl with the kids and your pals, which is safe for everyone or try out the Sea Dragon Drop, Octa Rock, Aqua Scout, and the Rescue Rafter. View fun marine animals like friendly Dolphins and orca whales, as they playfully dance around and enjoy splashing in with their caretakers. Marvel at their incredible stunts and cheer along as they showcase their athletic skills. 



Situated at a drive of an hour from Anaheim, Legoland makes the best place to be on the list of things to do in Anaheim California.  This place has over 60 rides, amazingly attractive shows, and various other things to do where all families build memories worth reminiscing. Peek into the behind-the-scenes of the brand-new Lego Movie 2 and indulge in an exuberating party night at the DUPLO Playtown or join others at the LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride which takes you through awe-inspiring Lego creations and marine creatures that swirl in the clean waters. Bring your ninja dreams to life by training at NINJAGO World, and then dominate lands of noble knights and pretty princesses, as you fight off beasts at the Dragon Coaster. Look through a diverse variety of dining options from Mexican to Chinese all tastes are catered at the land of dreams.  

In conclusion, Anaheim is more than just a tourist destination; it's a comfort zone for everyone. Whether you're traveling for fun, with family, hanging out with pals, or even for work, make sure to enjoy all the best treats that this place has by visiting these theme parks in Anaheim and of course nearby!

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